The institute campus lies in the city of Taj, within the rural area of Bichpuri Block. Just 7 kilometers from the municipal limits of the city and is well connected by city bus services and railway. Anchored in a pollution free environment the location has triple advantages-vicinity to the city and away from its hustle and bustle. The serenity of nature surrounding the campus is tempting and the environs and designed to radiate welcoming and enthralling effect on its beholder. It occupies a commanding position amongst the various neighboring educational institutions of our Balwant Educational Society. Agra. The campus (being build on about 10.20 acres of land area) is spacious, attractive and conducive to studies that the students can have the best of the worlds.

The Institute, main building is a double storeyed encasing spacious cross-ventilated, fully furnished classrooms along with spacious corridors. The building also provides a distinct advantage to each teacher by way of a separate small room for his Individual studies and for meeting student seeking counsel. Girls Are given a separate common room for rest and recreation. The building houses independent laboratories for Fisheries. Horticulture (along with a mini botanical garden) and C.D. and Extension (equipped with all modern audio-visual aids such as L.C.D., slide and overhead projectors and a lap-top computer system).

For conferences and cultural functions the building includes an enviable large auditorium, fully furnished, well ventilated and capable of seating about 1200 students.
Large play field for football, hockey, cricket and athletics; basket ball, volley ball and badminton courts and a swimming pool with all supplementary facilities are available for the development of of students skills and personality.
For outside and foreign students separate boys’ and girls’ hostels are built at a suitable from college activities. The Boys’ Hostel can accommodate 100 students and the Girls hostel can house 10 girls. Both the hostels are fully furnished and provide a healthy environment. Catering to the residents there is a mess facility run on a co-operative basis.
The Institute is fortunate enough to have a government public health Centre situated within the campus on the land provided by our Balwant Educational society.

Post office  situated at campus  area nearest to college building.